Crying Frodo, Issue 2.2: Other Voices, Other Zines

ImageIssue 2.2 invents twenty-two as-of-yet non-existent, quite-possible, and arguably-lacking Zines.  This issue has been created with special excitement and specific consideration of the Brooklyn Zine Fest, at which Crying Frodo will be tabling, talking shop, and selling zines on Sunday, April 27.  Why not celebrate the coming-together of more than 75 zine-makers and creative minds by devising 22 more?

Details on the Zinefest can be found here.  Stop on by!


Crying Frodo Vol 2., #1: Dolly Parton & Other Dollys

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.53.23 PM“Dolly Parton and Other Dollys” looks at the anxiety of keeping secrets, considers flying cross country to #bowdown to your idol, wonders about the acreage of Dollywood, and receives visits from eight different Dolly Levis, and a series of simple-machine-dollys.  Rabid fans will be especially rewarded.

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Fire Island / Follies

tumblr_inline_mzs5moseXT1qgsg8fFire Island / Follies is a fictional memory piece consisting of 5 photographs and 43 text segments written and edited in transit on my iPhone’s Notes application. Screencapped, cropped, and assembled into tiny spiral-bound collectibles.

What happens when Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman’s “Follies” refuses to leave the ears and experience of a man alone in a house full of vacationing women?

Fire Island / Follies is inspired by the ocean, communal living, and
the complexity of queer communities.

Hand-numbered in a first edition of 100.

$15.00, including shipping.
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Crying Frodo Vol. 1 #9: What We Are Crying About Right Now

photoCrying Frodo, Vol 1, #9: What We Are Crying About Right Now, with Some Silver Linings

In issue #9, Crying Frodo explores the things that bring us to tears because they are terrifying, terrible, uplifting, transformative, riddled with existential angst (and wonderment, and what is the difference?), and some things that are just plain shitty.  Feel like crying yourself to sleep?  This issue is for you.

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Bad Thing: 1997-2013


A photo from today, hours before he took his leave.

He was with me since my first day, the first hour even, of my life in New York City.  I arrived with my parents in their car, and my then-roommates immediately brought him down to the street to greet me.  He clawed his way up my sweater — he was only 10 weeks old at the time.

Today he was 16 years old. He’d become totally connected to me over the years, and in the last six months of his slow but steady decline it was impossible for him to be in the same room with me and not be in constant physical contact. Yesterday as I showered, he flopped himself into the water because he could not bear to be as far away as just outside the glass.

He was a loving, adoring, terribly impossibly wonderful perfect little creature that I will never ever get over losing.  He gave me more happiness than any one person deserves to feel and now I do not know who I am without him.

Reading List #5: Women on the Verge

People often ask me “Could you recommend a good book?”  This is a difficult question to answer, in a way, because there are thousands of good books and whether or not you find a book “good” really depends on what’s happening in your life at the moment the book finds you.  I say it that way on purpose.  The best books are the ones that choose you.  So, I’ve made some reading lists based on various themes.  Say you like books about “Spirit Animals” or maybe you like “Bleak Arid Centers” or “New York Shitty.”  Find a theme that interests you, trot off to your favorite independent bookstore, snatch up all the books, make a pot of tea, and settle in.

  • Love Invents Us, by Amy Bloom
  • Look at Me, by Jennifer Egan
  • Exposure, by Kathryn Harrison
  • Orpheus Lost, by Janette Turner Hospital
  • Why Did I Ever, by Mary Robison
  • Empathy, by Sarah Schulman
  • No Lease on Life, by Lynne Tillman

Crying Frodo, Vol.1 #8: Farmer’s Market Story, A Semi-Fiction

New Crying Frodo, out today.Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.18.01 AM

Farmer’s Market Story: A Semi-Fiction.

Issue #8 explores the relationship between money and lack of money, between community and impromptu community, between monotony and newness.  All in 20 pages of semi-fiction and photos.

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