River of Happenings Without Theme or Reason

2015-11-10 11.40.44Why such a long break from the last Crying Frodo to this one, you might be asking?  Well, partly because inspiration does not come cheap, and also because the covers of this one took each approximately 100 years and one of them might have caught on fire.  Frodo 3.5 includes short stories about: Light Stations, Museum Misunderstandings, Playing Hookey, and Dead Relatives.  Images stolen from my own camera, my boyfriend’s camera, the Internet, and even a contribution from my two young nephews in the centerfold.  Bright and clear-eyed!

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Real As Life, a new short story at Sixfold

FicSummer15CoverI have a new story, Real As Life, in the current summer fiction issue of Sixfold.  It’s about a woman whose cat dies.  Also emails from her father.  Plus fingernail polish and Amtrak trains.  And maybe ghosts?

It’s free to read here.

This Morning at FedEx

Counterperson: “I mean, I know….but-”
Woman: “You can put, I don’t know-”
Counterperson: “Maybe just for the urn.”
Woman: “Is there some kind of standard amount?”
Counterperson: “A hundred dollars.”
Woman: “That will be fine. It was a little more than that, but that’s fine.”
Counterperson: “Okay.”
Woman: “She’s worth that.”

Crying Frodo Vol 3, Issue 4 – All the Gay Feelings

2015-07-15 22.07.58This issue looks unflinchingly at the complexity of feelings surrounding the 2015 SCOTUS decision to allow for marriage equality across the land.  We begin making mistakes of memory on the Bruckner in the Bronx, travel through foot splinters and Mister Softees, and end with a question of whether we should choose every day–over a single day– to say ‘I Love You.’  We hope to salute and undergird the legions of queero-weirdo youth out there who will maybe not spend another moment reducing their power in the universe thanks to this important victory.  Lookout for a big ass rainbow of paper, too.

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Crying Frodo Vol. 3, Issue 3

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.23.13 PMThe Capitalism Meets Melancholy Garage Sale, or, The Worth of Pricelessness, as Decided by You.

In Crying Frodo #3.3, the reader is asked to assign a monetary value to 20 objects that are either worthless or priceless, and to consider their accompanying narratives when making those choices.  This issue asks the questions: What is the worth of any object?  Does an object with a personal history become more or less valuable?  The reader is presented with a random selection of price stickers, which are impossibly limiting. The exercise is both honorific and destined to failure.

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A New Story in The Outrider Review

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.14.30 PMI have a new short story — “Your Heart Does for Me What Hope Does for You” —  in the recent issue of The Outrider Review, a quarterly art and literary journal that features writers and artists exploring gender and identity, this one with cool cover art by J. Marcus Weekley. –>

It starts:

“Shell and I climb out the window onto the fire escape when the apartment is so hot that we can’t sleep and we can no longer stand it. We put a bowl of ice in front of a fan, but that’s a joke. We eat pints of strawberry Häagen Dazs until our bellies are miserable, and the bodega thinks we are lunatics. Finally, we put the mattresses on the roof and cover ourselves with bed sheets soaked in cold water from the shower.”

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Crying Frodo Vol 3, #2 – New Lists for Old $25,000 Pyramid Bonus Rounds

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.25.57 PMCrying Frodo 3.2 delves into the rhythmic patterns of language observed during the bonus rounds of daily reruns of The $25,000 Pyramid, and then recreates and re-imagines the focused, intentional trains of thought that lead to a winning outcome.  With emphatic concentration and unexpected links from one idea to another, a mental picture is observed and named.  Using simple lists adhering to the rules of the original game show, this issue is a minimalist meditation, a reflection, a non-ironic reverie.

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