>Body Parts

>In a movie I watched today, one of the main characters, a young single woman, was wearing a tiny gold chain with a diamond stud pendant, which rested just inside the place in her neck right where your trachea meets your breast bone, like the indentation you would make if you pressed the edge of a spoon into a stick of soft butter. There it is, I thought: the most beautiful part of a woman.

4 Comments on “>Body Parts”

  1. MotherTisa says:

    >Hands. I always notice a person’s hands, perhaps because I am self-conscious about my own now that they show my age. I remember my husband’s hands when we were dating in college–very artistic, smooth and clean, unlike my father’s hands which were rough and calloused with grease-lined fingernails. My brother has these same blue-collar hands.My mother had work-worn hands with tough, fast-growing fingernails that she had difficulty managing after she went to the nursing home.My sister has pretty hands; manicured, with carefully polished, precisely painted, pink fingernails. My sons have chewed fingernails and I wonder why they don’t stop that practice now that they are grown men. My little grandson has chubby, wrinkle-free hands that don’t always perform as he wants them to.My grandmother has a skeleton’s hands that wander uncontrollably as she tries to communicate from her bed. How many pillows of biscuit dough have squeezed through her fingers?I could go on, but that’s enough.Just look at hands sometime. Look at your own hands. What do you see?

  2. Lee Houck says:

    >My fingers, like my toes, are short and stubby, at least in my mind. They’ve suited me fine so far in this life, although I’ve had to fudge some rather intricate guitar bits that I can’t seem to make happen without cheating them.

  3. >To my eyes I have big palms with short stubby fingers, but others tell me I have big hands. I definitely have enormous great frog feet from doing so much yoga. They’ve grown at least a size and a half in the past few years, if not more. I bought a pair of shoes the other day and had to get a size 12. (There was a time when I was a bordeline 10/10.5.)For me the most beautiful part of a woman is the nape of the neck with a curve of shoulder draping off to one side. The most beautiful part of a man, on the other hand, is that side of waist from rib to thigh, with a hint of hip bone and belly on one side and the beginnings of a curve of rump on the other.You know, just before all the naughty bits get in the way.

  4. Lee Houck says:

    >I have always thought that the most beautiful part of a man is the place on the back of his wrist where the tiny hairs from his arm become rather short and curve in toward his palm.

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