>What I Need

>I’ve taken up with the “What I Need” bandwagon. Google (or Blingo) your first name along with ‘needs,’ all in quotes, and allow the Wonders of the Web to tell you what you need:

Lee needs a fresh challenge
Lee needs Love
Lee needs a decent nickname
Lee needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend himself
Lee needs to be blue not black
Lee needs to muster the political courage and vision to tackle these issues
Lee needs to hear the truth
Lee needs matches
Lee needs to be created
Lee needs rest

What do you need?

One Comment on “>What I Need”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >* Becky needs more friends because she’s so lonely. * Becky needs a wardrobe upgrade. * Becky Needs Our Help * Becky needs to turn her life around * Becky needs more people like you on her side * Becky needs to go to bed * Becky needs a texas scout show * Becky needs to be rougher and uglier * Becky needs music and ministry as much as anyone else—well, sort of. * Becky needs all dues ($15) as soon as possible * Becky needs no introduction * Becky needs a change of scenery * Becky needs to be with her family right now so we’re postponing dinner till another day * Becky needs her coffee

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