>Tucker Livingston

>I’m still listening a lot to Tucker Livingston’s self-titled debut, which came out February 2004. He and I have had some small correspondence in regards to how much I love his music — I’m big on writing fan letters as many of you know — and I think more people should hear him.

Named by the Austin Music Foundation as the 2003 Singer/Songwriter artist of the year, his record reached as high as the #6 most downloaded folk artist album in the world on iTunes. He has performed all over the festival circuit, and is still, however, looking for a label. He says his influences are Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Wilco.

You can hear three of his songs at his MySpace account here, or read more about him at his own website here.

One Comment on “>Tucker Livingston”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >hey- I’m out here in India, Thanks for the great compliments! My website is going to have free songs to download, fyilaterTucker

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