>New Parents

>I went to visit my friends Michael & Calvin, whose new daughter, Vivien Stella, is a delight to behold, (and, of course, to hold.) She is simply marvelous. For most of the couple of hours that I was around, she just slept and ate and fell asleep while eating and so forth. She’s only a week old, after all. But she did spend about five minutes staring into the world, eyes ablaze with recognition of what I don’t know, but definitely something. You can watch her brain work when you look into her eyes.

Strange how parenthood changes the people you’re close to–in ways you expected, and in ways you didn’t. As soon as I arrived at their apartment, they did the quick “do you want to make a bottle,” kind of thing that you hear new parents doing all the time, but it was also remarkably refreshing to still be able to have a normal conversation about whatever other thing was happening. I’ve been around plenty of new parents who can’t talk about ideas anymore, just the baby.

They’ll be good fathers.

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