>Hot Hot Heat

>This always happens in New York in August–the heat arrives, as if no one had expected it, as if we had forgotten what it was like this time of year. Con Edison fucks up some neighborhood–in this year’s case, the north part of Astoria, where some customers were without electricity for eight days–and then makes apologies in the news and in the papers.

I splurged yesterday in taking a car service to Jennifer’s house–not so bad, only $18 with New Enrico’s, my car service of choice for the last 8 years–because I had to transport 5 pogo sticks to her loft, but also because, as I later saw on the light-up sign at the bank that flashes the time and temperature that it was 1:42pm, and 106 degrees. Nuff said.

I’m also battling a sinus something-or-other. Congestion, mostly. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, actual sickness, or just my body revolting against the constant hot/cold of going from air conditioner to outside and back again over and over.

Tomorrow, Sam Champion says, we’ll be in a better “pocket of air.” It sounds so much like space travel.

PS – Don’t rush out to see Miami Vice. It sucks.

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