>Greenmarket Photo

>My friend David Bivins, took this photo of me and Andrea at the Greenmarket. I had forgotten he took it at all–people take pictures of us all day, of the stand, of the table, of their wives and sisters standing behind the table with me. But this one is special.

Check out the rest of David’s pictures on his Flickr. He rocks. I’m amazed at how he manages to make regular, everyday street scenes look like movie sets with flawless lighting. His pictures do what pictures are supposed to do–make you notice things.

3 Comments on “>Greenmarket Photo”

  1. 2 Dads says:

    >such a cool fuckin shot. love it.

  2. >the hair is major. werq!

  3. biv says:

    >I posted something for you from Witold’s birthday. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Hell, let me know if you got it.David Bivins

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