>Some Happenings

🍸 got a new phone. Now what will I do come September when this class action lawsuit goes through?
–I got a new haircut(e). It’s a Mohawk, basically. Emphasis on the ‘mo.

–We went to the Pride Parade today. There were so many churches. Oy. Who knew the gays went to freakin’ church so goddamn much?

–Someone walked up to the syrup stand and asked me: “What is a petri dish? I heard about it on the radio.”

–Kip wants me to place a $350 order from Prevail Sport, whose catalog I stole from my PO Box. (I don’t think so.)

–Kip and I are going to Tennessee next week, plus Dollywood. Be jealous.

–Quote of the Week goes to Alice, at VUE: “When I went to the allergy doctor, someone had a dog in the waiting room. At the allergy doctor! Don’t you think that’s not something you should bring to the allergy doctor?!?! OH, and GET THIS, his name was Peanut.”

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