>Winter Break!

>Kip and I will be in South Carolina and Tennessee for a week (to see the Nephews and such) and I’ll be away from the blog. Please enjoy this new set of covers during the brief hiatus.

GO HERE for the file directory, and to download the tracks.

1 – Milkshake — Kelis
2 – Miss Jackson — The Vines
3 – Cupid — Amy Winehouse
4 – All That She Wants — The Kooks
5 – Crying — k.d. Lang
6 – Venus as a Boy — Mike Flowers Pops
7 – Love Song — Tori Amos
8 – Believe — Robbie Fulks
9 – Crazy in Love — Snow Patrol
10 – Wonderwall — Ryan Adams
11 – Joyful Girl — Soulive
12 – With or Without You — Scala Choir
13 – Irreplaceable — Sugarland
14 – Johanna — Megan Mullally

You can also download and print this nifty CD cover if you want.

See how good I am to you.

One Comment on “>Winter Break!”

  1. rob says:

    >Is Milkshake a cover?Who sang it originally? Crystal Gayle?

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