Success! New York Times!

>The Circus AMOK benefit, GLAMOK!, held on Monday night at PS122, was, in a word, fabulous. In all, I think we raised a fair amount of money–perhaps an extraordinary amount of money for an organization of our size. (We have a full-time staff of 1, basically.) I think we’re both extremely lucky to be given the reception that got–meaning, people came happily to party, drink, take in the performances, and donate their hard-earned cash to the cause. But I also think that we 1) know about throwing a party, and 2) we know how to work really hard.

Baby Dee is extraordinary. I felt glad that she was able to drive all the way from Cleveland, where she now resides, to grace us with her harp and her music and her presence. Her performance on Monday night was simple, powerful, honest, graceful and seemingly effortless. Check out her new record, “Safe Inside the Day,” at her website. She describes it as: “This album is very much about the street I grew up on. Where The Earlie King ruled without mercy. And Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss invented the Dance of Diminishing Possibilities.” What’s not to love about that? Also, she said something in the dressing room, which is not dirty or salacious or gossipy, but I shan’t reprint it here. It was most certainly the quote of the week.

We also had Reverend Billy and some of the Stop Shopping Choir–they were a huge hit and lovely to behold in all their rag-tag (and yet not rag-tag at all) glory. Amen. Julie Atlas Muz presented a glorious, live performance that left the audience speechless, and then left them screaming with joy and begging for more. I think every time she graces the stage that happens. She’s just so marvelous. I love the sheer energy and love that Carmelita Tropicana brings to the room; so present, so funny, so in-the-moment, so real. And, of course, Fabio Tavares; who will forget his extra-faggy take on the Houdini escape? In a tuxedo tee and tiny black briefs? Of course, The Dazzle Dancers were splendidly glittered and gorgeous, in all their naked, peace-spreading eminence. I love everyone in this community. I feel so glad to be a part of it.

Huge, incredible, deep, genuine thanks to all my peeps who signed books for the silent auction, and thanks to all the peeps who attended, bought drinks, put money in the hat, got drunk, hollered, dressed in something absurd and gorgeous, and helped Circus AMOK bring our bawdy, raucus, queer, one-of-a-kind, award-winning, one-ring spectacular–ALL FOR FREE–to city parks throughout the boroughs.

AND, AND, AND!!! We’re now featured in the arts section of The New York Times. Go and check out the video in the multimedia section at the bottom!!!

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