Some Recent Punchlines

>1) Arrr, it’s driving me nuts.
2) What are you going to do, fuck it to death?
3) It was a chili dog.
4) You think you’re scared, I have to walk out of here alone.
5) I know, I just want to swim out there and strangle her.
6) In Williamsburg, they’re everywhere.
7) John Couger Melloncamp.
8) No, a penis is a black thing about this big.
9) I don’t know, she must have choked.
10) Fur traders.

2 Comments on “Some Recent Punchlines”

  1. Pryce says:

    >11) A toe truck!

  2. Jane says:

    >I have no idea the context of any of these punch lines, but I’ve already imagined my own context for #5.And #8, which seems as though it must have been said by a child (awesome nephew?), reminded me of something my son said when he was about four years old: “Watch out, or I’ll shoot you with my penis gun.” Not wanting to strip him of his dignity and the force of the threat, I walked solemnly out of the room, and then found a place to chuckle in private.

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