Open Letters, Vol. 7

>Dear Commerce Bank,

What person, or most likely what committee, at what advertising firm, decided that the new Commerce Bank “push pin” campaign was a good one? Okay, everywhere there is a bank branch, there is a giant push pin on a map–great, got that part.

But then a GIANT, Claes Oldenburg-stylin’ push pin comes flying down from the sky like a missile, pierces the hood of a taxi cab and drives the metal point through the engine? Are you serious? In another spot, a push pin lands in the concrete, cracking the sidewalk and bursting a water main.

Will this push-pin assault make me want to give you my hard-earned money? Is terror-from-above really what you’re going for?



One Comment on “Open Letters, Vol. 7”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >not to mention that the person who created these pushpins made the puncture hole all the same. LAZY M-Fer.

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