New Favorite Music!

>-Hurricane, by Grace Jones
-Broken Hearts & Maladies, by The Aeroplanes
-Rearrange Beds, by An Horse
-Shop of Wild Dreams, by Jessica Lurie Ensemble
-Shake Away, by Lila Downs
-Todo Cambia, by Slovo
-Three Flights from Alto Nido, by Greg Laswell

2 Comments on “New Favorite Music!”

  1. girldogtorch says:

    >I want you to write a poem from the twenty words in those song titles.I also want to know what’s up! Freaking out, saying YAY to self, getting excited, calming down, getting excited… are you pregnant? Adopting a panda? Retiring to Florida?

  2. alexleaf says:

    >Hey! Could you please upload the Jessica Lurie album to mediafire or rapidshare please? I have no opportunity to buy and listen it now… Thanx!-Alejandra

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