Exciting News!!!

>As many of you know, I have this novel, Yield, which I started working on way way back in 1999. I was living in my very first New York apartment: three roommates, two cats, crooked walls, dramatically sloping floors, no air conditioning, bad carpet.

Every night I sat in my tiny bedroom, overlooking the corner of 36th Street and Broadway in Astoria, where the blue glare of the neon–“Quinn Funeral Home”–stretched the shadows of the spider plant across the wall. Finally, in 2005, two apartments and countless revisions and reconstructions later, it was finished.

A while ago, I submitted the novel to Project QueerLit, which is a contest held every two years celebrating authors who have yet to publish a full-length work of fiction, bringing visibility and recognition to good books. And Yield has just been honored as the top-rated manuscript of Project Queerlit 2008!!


For more info, and for the previous winners, look here.

One Comment on “Exciting News!!!”

  1. rob says:

    >You rawk.You, rock.YOu? rock.You rock.By the way, the word verification for this comment was: potersem.Potersem. It sounds veddy British.Are you coming up to Potersem for the week end?

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