Updates, in Brief

>–Kip is making his famous Lemon Basil Orzo for dinner.

–We saw the movie “Moon,” which was wonderful, except for the trashy radio transmission at the end, which really ruined the whole thing for me.

–I miss the characters from my second novel, which I’ve not looked at since Yield started moving toward publication. I should just read the sections again, just to feel a sense of them.

–Off to Tennessee for the 4th of July, which my mother now calls “my christmas,” since it is the only time of the year when our whole family is together.

–We saw “9 to 5” the musical on Tuesday night. It was pretty bad, which is a shame, because the music is good, and the performances are great. The show is infected with Broadway dancing, do you know what I mean? Honestly, the opening imagery is so tacky and badly imagined that from about 8 seconds into it, I thought: “This is going to be horrible.” It was still entertaining. God Bless the incredible talent that is Alison Janney.

–I ran into Ms. T at the market on Saturday, and we had a nice chat. It was nice to see her. She’s off to “do another movie for Tyler,” and then on an on.

–We met Michael Hicks at the Lavish Lounge last night. Lovely to see him. The go-go boy on the bar was nice to watch.

One Comment on “Updates, in Brief”

  1. Jane says:

    >Is Kip willing to share his recipe for Lemon Basil Orzo, or at least an approximation of it?It might be a good dinner to have before your Blueberry Sour Cream pie. 🙂

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