A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event

The “30 Day Song Challenge” is a Facebook meme going around that all the kids are doing. Basically, you post a song a day according to these rules. I saw it and thought: Oh, what the hell?

At some point, about the time I was twelve or thirteen, I fell in love with the Indigo Girls.  They appeared on an episode of Austin City Limits along with Nanci Griffith and Julie Gold, which I had on VHS thanks to my now-out-lesbian friend Laura, who had recorded it.  (Our family dog later chewed one corner of the tape, making it unplayable.  I think Laura still hasn’t forgiven me.)  Because of them, I decided that I wanted to learn to play guitar.  I still play their songs sometimes.

Somehow I learned that they were playing a show at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.  I don’t know how I knew this–I didn’t have the Internet in those days, and I don’t imagine that I was listening to local radio, or reading the artsy rags from Athens, GA–maybe the whole thing was my parents idea.  I really don’t remember.

They drove me and my date Mandee, my BFF from summer camp, the two hours to Atlanta that night, somehow procuring tickets in the very last row.  But we were in the room.  And we felt elated.  The Fox is built to look like an Arabian courtyard, the rounded “sky” painted blue, with fake twinkling stars, and a big Bedouin tent-looking-thing.  I’d never seen anything like that in my life, it was totally insane.

That night’s version of “Pushing the Needle Too Far” later appeared on their record 1200 Curfews.  I was sitting in the back row.  That song reminds me of that night.

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