Oscar Bingo 2012

Ladies & Ladies, please find your 2012 Oscar bingo cards below, complete with “Red Carpet” free space.  For some reason, they rendered oddly when I made them in the “Meryl Streep looks sickening!”* square, and instead it just says “Meryl Streep looks.”

So, I say you have two options.  You can either 1) wait for a shot of Meryl looking sickening and then call that square yours, or 2) fill in your own adjective for how Meryl looks on Sunday evening–feel free to pick “devastating,” or “dressed the house down,” or some other thing you feel she “looks” and then convince your partymates that you deserve the square.  Let’s raise the stakes, right?

I also managed to mis-spell Kristen Wiig’s name, so that some cards have “Krieten Wiig” squares, which I can only attest to being too busy and distracted to care about spelling Krietan’s name.

There are 10 different cards, in case you’re playing with a crowd.

*”Sickening” in this sense is like this.

Download the Bingo cards here.

One Comment on “Oscar Bingo 2012”

  1. Mira Dessy says:

    Love this…thank you. It will be a great addition to my party.

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