Crying Frodo #3, plus prescriptions now available !

Crying Frodo is a stream-of-consciousness-based B&W zine/booklet appearing monthly or almost-every-monthly.  Issues are 20 pages of non-fiction, fiction, poems, drawings, clipart, maps, quotes, vintage photos, and more. In our hurried, virtual world, Crying Frodo brings an IRL slow take to your actual snail mail doorstep old school style.

How to get it:

Prescriptions are self-administered and cost $10.
Prescriptions are 6 issues, starting with the most recent, mailed to you, over the next 6-8 months.
Please be sure to include your mailing address.
Here’s how to send me the $10.

Back issues are available for $2.00 each here:
Volume 1:
Issue 1, Jan 2013: Eyeballs, Housflies and Insomnia
Issue 2, Feb 2013: The Love Issue
Issue 3, March 2013: The Neighborhood in 1992

Email me with questions: Lee dot Houck, at G Mail

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