Blog Every Day: 2 of 365

The only thing I have to say about today is: Grateful for Queers.

Today we saw Noises Off at the Roundabout.  I’m writing this kind of leftover drunk from a few (3) Jacks at The Ritz because after the show we met our friend Sean there before we went to dinner, and the bartender, Daniel, took a liking, I guess, to me because 1) I tip well, or 2) I am attractive, or 3) neither, and the whiskeys he poured me were bigger and bigger.  So by the time we got to dinner I had forgotten about the whole entire show, sort of.

I saw the show the last time it was on Broadway, with Patti LuPone, and it was the most fun I have *ever* had on Broadway, except for the one night with Dame Edna, which was, well, in a word: Beyond.  There is some incredible minor stuff going on, but on the whole it feels a bit vague.  The moments are there — the people around me were mostly howling.  The woman next to me was one of those people who says the plot out loud, mostly to herself, like “It’s a cactus!” and “He’s behind the door!” as if no one else was watching the exact same show.

Andrea Martin is the best thing to happen in a while.  And Megan Hilty is also wonderful in it.  David Furr, whose role is mostly thankless and dry until the very last Act, is wonderful.  It’s a bit hard to follow – I blame the weird accents.  But go, it’s good, you’ll laugh a lot.

Then Sean and Kip and I went to Vynl, which used to be here, then was there, and I didn’t have anything to drink because at that point I would have liked to throw up.  Which is a feeling I haven’t had in a while.  Where you think you might like it.  And I ate Shrimp Pad Thai and it was wonderful, actually, and we talked about getting older and being queer and how, actually, as bitter and angry and jaded as we are, it does get better.  IF YOU MAKE IT BETTER, being the caveat.

Then we ended up at Flaming Saddles were the boys were dancing on the bar to that Will Smith song “Wild Wild West” but “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” was on all the TVs on mute — so I was happy.  I was texting with my friend Robert, he had also been at Noises Off, just by chance, and we didn’t cross paths, because of how I had to pee and he couldn’t get through the 43rd Street entrance to the theater.  Sounds ridiculous, but it was okay.

And the whole time I am with Kip and Sean, the husband and partner of my friend Cory, who I met in an AOL chatroom for gay men 19 years ago — QueensM4M — believe it or not.  And although we never slept together we have loved each other very very much and even though he is away in Oklahoma right now, I am missing him so Sean was kind of serving as his proxy.  There we were, in Flaming Saddles, the Pad Thai having soaked up much of the Jack so I was feeling good, just floating like, and they played Patty Griffin and Shania Twain and the boys danced and the lesbians behind us had me take their picture so they could all be together.  Queer life is the best life.

Queer life is the best life.

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  1. j3black says:

    This. Every day. You promised.

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