Blog Every Day: 4 of 366

Today was Kip’s birthday, so we did as he wanted to do — go float for an hour in a sensory deprivation tank.

They have two options, a pod or a room, and Kip wanted to do the “original” version so he chose the pod.  He has some charmed memories of Altered States and has on several occasions said to me and other people who have asked us about the floating tank afternoon — I have wanted to do this since I saw the movie.  I liked the idea of the room, which came with star-like lights on the higher-than-the-one-in-the-pod ceiling.  This wasn’t that useful in the end, as I found the light kind of irritating and useless, and I did as the attendant told me I could do — pressed the button and the lights went dark.

It’s Epsom Salt, so you’re buoyant like you would be in the Dead Sea, which is an already weird thing to get used to.  We all basically know how our body behaves in water but this is very different.  Kip described it as “something hard” and I get that feeling, how it pushes against your whole body from underneath.  I liked it though.  It takes some time to figure out what position is the most comfortable, but it was wonderful to be able to stretch and feel warm and, well, be naked.

The hour passed rather quickly, and about the time I started getting a little bit bored I pushed through it and then the lights came on and some ridiculous/wonderful music began to play and that was the signal to me that my time in the tank had come to an end.  The music was so wonderful it made me smile and laugh, actually.  Maybe the fact that it was the only sound for an hour, and you really do acclimatize to the dark and the water pretty quickly.

I really loved the way you could bounce yourself off the sides and ends of the tank with just the smallest bit of pressure from one tap of your toe — and because you are in complete darkness, your body can’t exactly tell how fast you are moving.  Sometimes you feel like you are stationary, sometimes you get the sensation that you are moving very very quickly.  Then, so softly, thunk, you tap against the other side of the tank and I spent the last fifteen minutes maybe — maybe?  who knows how long? — doing that and feeling that feeling in my body.

I very much recommend it.  I’d like to do it again but I am not sure if it would get better/more interesting, or less and more boring if you did it more often.  Today there was something about the newness that sustained the entire experience.  I might be wrong.  They sell package deals.

Then we went to Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill for lunch immediately after and I had a Croque Monsieur which was fabulous, but not as fabulous as their French fries.  I love French fries.  I want people to eat them at my funeral.  I even like the bad kind at shitty diners, those thick cut Texas-style fries which you can clobber with extra salt and pepper.

For birthday cake I made Tres Leches.


One Comment on “Blog Every Day: 4 of 366”

  1. jelizabeth says:

    Keep going at this one a day pace, please.

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