7 of 366

Just numbers as titles.  At least for now.  If you are here, you know what’s happening.

Jane will agree on me about this, I hope.  Necco Wafers are the best candy for a long boring freeway drive.  I do one of these long boring freeway drives from Brooklyn to Hartford and back about twenty times a year.  I guessed at this number, but then I looked back in my 2015 calendar and that was the exact number.  Twenty.

A while back I got into Necco Wafers, because I need *something* to do on the drive other than make phone calls and listen to podcasts, which I do plenty of–too much of?  Neccos, which my autocorrect keeps trying to change to Necks, have recently come out with a “Tropical” flavored roll.  Recently?  Recent to me, at least.  The orange one tastes that ubiquitous baby aspirin orange, chalky and medicinal.  Why can’t they get this right?  The banana wafer is that very particular banana flavor that only exists in candy.  In Now&Laters, in Laffy Taffy, in Nerds.

On the other hand, the coconut and strawberry wafers are really extraordinary.  And because Neccos (it’s finally learned to stop correcting me) come in a roll of randomly flavored discs, you open one end but you never know which flavor is up first, or third, and so on.  Today on my drive home there came a Strawberry wafer, followed by Coconut, then Strawberry and then Coconut again.  I took this as a good omen.

Then I called my mom to ask if she heard Mary Louise Parker on the NYPL’s podcast, where she is interviewed about her new memoir Dear Mr. You, by Mary Karr.  Ms. Parker’s writing sounded really great as she was reading it aloud at the event a while back–it made me want to get the book.  It made me want to write.  She was saying things that were making so much sense.  Surprising things about her daughter and her ex-boyfriends and her father.  Also how interesting for a woman to be so vocal and open about her obsession with men, in general.  It didn’t weaken her, though. Maybe she would disagree with me–at least historically–but I loved the complexity she presented.  She is a very good actress and I am happy to hear she is a very good writer.

This evening I called an old friend in Tennessee and we had one of those talks where you realize that you are getting older and its nice that you are in new and difference places, having the same old conversations with the same old friends.  Change is real, but then again…

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