14 of 366

I just yelled out “Mozarella Sticks??!?!” into the room while Kip is trying to show me clips of Queen Kong, a British film–in case you are wondering what kind of day I am having.

I had lunch today at The Farm with an old friend who is moving to Los Angeles.  I always have mixed feelings about friends who leave New York.  There is something about it that feels like a threat.  As in, it is so hard to live here, so expensive and crowded and the city is not what it used to be in a lot of ways, and so, really, the only reason to love it here are the people that you surround yourself with.  And now that I have been here for 18 years, my community is starting to move into new phases of their lives, and some of them are choosing to take those phases to other cities.  I guess how it feels like a let down says something about how difficult and maybe thankless it is to keep holding up the tent post–but I am always sad to see them go.  This one especially.  I am grateful for our guest room, and her promises to come back soon and often.

Last night I saw Erin Markey and Becca Blackwell in Erin’s show “A Ride on the Irish Cream” at Abrons as part of the American Realness Festival.  There were lots of downtown stars in the audience and the show was really great.  It’s playing through the end of January.  And if you go, keep an eye out for my best friend from high school’s ex-husbands Fender guitar amp, which he gave to me years ago and then Erin borrowed.  I’m so glad things have complex lives that move from world to world.

Lots of sadness and death moving through the ether lately–famous people dying, and much-loved people taking their own lives nearby.  I hope we move through this soon.

I’m excited to see The Humans in a couple of weeks.





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