19 of 366

On our drive home from Pennsylvania today we came through Staten Island.  Every time I drive along 278 there, I look up at the apartments near Clove Road and remember January 1, 1998, when my parents drove me to New York to stay.  My friends Laura, Andrea and Chris had secured an apartment for us in Astoria–a four bedroom, two bath for $1600.  (!!).  At the time I had no idea where Astoria was, and, honestly, what was the difference between Staten Island and Astoria–HA–and when we drove that stretch of road, I remember looking up at those staggered high-rise apartments and wondering if we would turn off the highway and I’d be living in one of those.  I was in Pennsylvania visiting Laura, and her family–now a partner and two children–and I am so grateful that here we are, all these years later, still friends, still making the time.

We stopped near Dorney Park to use the facilities and find a beverage or something–and I enjoyed looking over at the coasters.  Compared to most amusement parks, which are away from main drags and town centers, Dorney Park is kind of right in the middle of everything, and you can see the peaks of the coasters from all over.  I hope to get there this season sometime.

Along the way we listened to Tig Notaro on This American Life.  She remains one of my most favorite humans on the planet–so funny and full of joy.  If you haven’t been following her story and work for the last three years, I highly highly recommend that you seek it out.  There are two documentaries, a podcast, some specials, and many interviews.  She is absolutely the greatest.

For dinner I made teriyaki meatballs, some roasted cauliflower with vaudovan curry, and the last of the kale from Campo Rosso Farm.  For the kale I made the old school Western Mass lesbian sauce, which goes something like:

-1 T natural peanut butter
-1 T soy sauce
-1 T olive oil
-juice of half a lime, or orange if you have it

Mix all together.  Try it.  It’s good.






One Comment on “19 of 366”

  1. Jane says:

    This is my favorite kind of blog post.

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