My maple co-worker Collin returned today from a couple of weeks away, and I was so grateful and happy to have him by my side again.  He’s an actor in his real life and has been in Venice shooting a tv show.

I got a haircut and the hair stylist was explaining to me how she is having some kind of hearing problem, and as I am getting older, I think, too, my hearing is getting worse–and she is telling me this while there is loud pop music playing overhead, and while she is blowing the fuzz off of me with a hair dryer.  And I can’t really hear her, and then there was that moment when she says she is hard of hearing and I say “What?”  I like the results, of the hair at least.

My friend Jasie came by the market and we chatted for a while about her kids and our friend’s kids and how odd and strange that they come out who they are and that is pretty much how it is from the first moment.

There was stupid horrible traffic all the way home and I listened to Terry Gross interviewing Trip Gabriel about the Iowa Caucus and why it matters/doesn’t matter.  Important to thing about those things this time of year.

We ate Indian food that Seamless brought and I made a Sazerac because I finally got some absinthe from Kings County Wines when I stopped in to talk to Adam for a while and buy something that I didn’t need — but I did need it.

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