This afternoon I watched part of the reunion special of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I don’t watch the series, so it was a little bit anthropological experiment–to see how the form is set despite the region/series.  We do watch a couple of the other Housewives, I am not a person who pretends to not like TV.  Or to only watch “good” TV.  It was really interesting to hear them process things that had happened that I didn’t know anything about.  Fights that I didn’t have any dogs in.  Then I got in a Wikipedia k-hole about Theresa and Joe Giudice and the prisons that he may or may not spend time in, and actually he’s not a citizen and so he might be deported.  Then you can get into a spiral of reading about prisons and prison populations and then you can get into looking at prisons on Google Earth and that is a good way to spend three or five hours of a supposed-to-be-snowy afternoon.

My friend Alex Chee read from his newly released and long-awaited novel, The Queen of the Night, at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO. Sunil Yapa was also on the bill, with his debut novel Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist.  I met Alex, or something like met–met via email–many years ago after I wrote him a fan letter after finishing his first novel Edinburgh, which everyone should read immediately.  And now we have been friends for years.  I am so happy that this second novel is finally out in the world, where everyone can enjoy it.

Then I made a leek and cheddar frittata for dinner, and we’re watching an episode of Cook’s Country where they are making tamales.  This reminded me of the frozen tamales that I have in the freezer–duck confit in the middles–that Cory and I made back in December together at his house.  A Tuesday in February seems like the perfect time to eat them.


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