I thawed and steamed the duck tamales, and then to go with it I made a red cabbage salad with a honey, vinegar, cilantro, lime dressing–could have used some cumin, but Kip says cumin tastes to him like “under the fridge.”  Which I think it totally hilarious.  He doesn’t remember saying this, but I swear it’s true.  Would I lie?  Then since I didn’t have a kuri or kabocha, I got a half a calabasa from the Mexican market and did a honey chipotle olive oil glaze, then roasted it until soft and glorious, then lime zest just before serving.  Then I did a simple guacamole with chips from a bag.  It was all delicious.  I could have gone for something more green-y, but hey, you do what you can in the middle of February?

So excited for the return of The Prancing Elites Project on Oxygen.  The Prancing Elites are a black, gay & gender non-conforming, J-setting dance competition squad based in Mobile, Alabama.  They are fabulous and I love watching them, so thank GOD they’ve been given a second season.  There is a certain kind of queer person who feels separate from their Southern upbringing and geography, and then instead of, like most of us, moving to New York City, San Francisco, or even New Orleans, decides to STAY THERE and make something wonderful and out and challenging, while at the same time aesthetically beautiful.  All the props.  Noted, too, that for this second season they all have much nicer clothes.

Also: Formation.  Formation.  Formation.

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