Today at the market I had one of those conversations about politics that goes on for fifteen minutes and at the end you have no idea where on that particular spectrum the person falls. They say things like “We have to all make our voices heard.” And I’m like Not if it’s the wrong voice.

Most egregiously, omitted from my list of great film breakdowns is Cicely Tyson in Sounder. I’ve heard her tell the story of that shot many many times. About how she told the director she would only do it once. It was too difficult and that’s all she had in her–he had to get it. So the director calls action and she goes running off the porch and into her long lost and thought dead husband’s arms. The camera operator said he wasn’t sure that he got the shot–because he was crying so much he could not see what he was shooting. But he DID get it, and that single take is the one in the film. It’s easy to find on YouTube; go look for it. HOW could I have forgotten it.

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