I’m in Florida visiting my parents, and we’ve finished dinner and now the Red Carpet coverage is on while my mother does the thankless work of cleaning up the kitchen.  I took the liberty of just eating and enjoying it and not trying to help.  Sort of?  Ha.

The JetBlue terminal was so stupid this morning–45 minutes to get through security because only two lanes were open, out of I think 15 that I counted.  Sunday at 11am and we’ve got like six people working the checkpoint.  I wanted to kill everyone.  I was also hungry.  I took the Q to the LIRR to the AirTrain to get to the airport, so that was an adventure.  It’s cheap, and didn’t take too long.

My dad grilled a pork loin and my mom made mashed potatoes, fried apples, and roasted asparagus. There was also a giant pan of banana pudding–that would be the layered with Nilla wafers kind.  It was just on this side of warm, which is really the perfect way, there should be no other way.  We talked about my sister-in-law’s mother’s version, which had a toasted meringue on top.  I never knew this version.

I might fall asleep before the awards finish.  Who cares?

One Comment on “58”

  1. Prairie Rose says:

    That banana pudding sounds heavenly!

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