First thing now that I am back in Brooklyn was to get the oil changed for my van.  It did not occur to me that the place I like to go, Hamza, on Coney Island Avenue, would have issue lifting it with their hydraulics because not only is the van really heavy itself, but it is full of heavy syrup.  And tables, and a tent, and concrete weights, and so on.  So they sent me down to JiffyLube, about 2 blocks down, where Vanessa was incredibly helpful and masterful.  You know this kind of woman?  She is young, she is gorgeous, and she works in a generally man-oriented place and she is RUNNING THE SHOW like nobody’s business.  The car dudes respect her, the customers would like to fuck her, but they would also like their cars to be fixed.  I was so into Vanessa, and so into watching her get it done.

I saw someone on TV making a quesadilla by throwing the cheese itself down onto the hot griddle where it melted and then the bottom of it crisped up, then he laid the tortilla onto this melty/crispy cheese and then flipped it over to let the other side of the tortilla brown. It was genius, and I can not wait to try this.

And that’s all I feel like talking about today.

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