Today was one of those days that goes. on. forever.  I kept looking at the time and it was only 2:15.  It was 2:15 for about three hours today.  And even stranger, three other farmers came walking over and mentioned the same thing, that the day was going on forever.  Heather, my neighbor who sells prepared and raw horseradish, she said “It’s like they unloaded a bus somewhere,” and I knew exactly what she meant.  The market was full of people who seemed to not know where they were, or what the whole idea was about.  Strange how the day is experienced collectively.

Kip returned from Jamaica today.  We ordered food from Ginger House then I made Chocolate Chip Mug Cookies.  Here’s the recipe.  It’s a one serving “cookie” you make in a mug in the microwave.  The texture is odd, more like dough than a cookie–there is nothing crunchy.  Actually this makes me think of adding things next time, a crushed pretzel, or something.  But it is warm, and it’s good portion control when all you want to do is eat every cookie in the house.

Day off tomorrow!


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