Today I worked on a new Crying Frodo, content TBA.  This one has stamps and a centerfold and it’s going to be good.  For the first time I wanted to use an image that I found on Flickr that belongs to someone who asked that people not steal it and use it in their own materials.  I often use things I find there with a basic Creative Commons license, but this didn’t have that.  I really want to use the photo and I hope the woman who took it will get back to me and give me permission.  Everyone cross fingers.

My favorite FedEx person had her hair down and it looked so gorgeous, and I think I made her blush when I told her how great it looked.  I think I accidentally, or inadvertently, said the word Beautiful, which it is and which she is, but maybe coming from me it felt like a bit much.  I am never sure if people know that I am gay.  And I am never sure if that makes it okay to talk to women about their looks.  I think women can tell–they immediately know, I think.  Right?  Anyway, remind me not to say shit like that.  Or at least tone it down?  I don’t know.

For dinner I’m doing pork chops from Flying Pigs, which are brining right now.  Green beans and creamy Bloody Butcher grits.  No cheese in those, just a little bit of half-and-half and that should do it.  Nothing special on the pork chops–just the brine, which is salt, maple, black pepper and bay leaf.  I’ll start them on the stove and finish them in the oven, they will be superb.  Takes only about 10 minutes.

For some reason I’ve been craving Grasshopper Pie, so I made one of those this afternoon. I bought a jar of marshmallow fluff this morning at the store, but turns out one jar isn’t enough, so I had to go back out to get another jar. Then I couldn’t remember if I needed 20oz or 13oz, so I bought two jars and the woman running that particular bodega register looked at the fluff like WTF is this.  They were $1.49 each.  I didn’t have creme de menthe, but I did have mint extract, so that will suffice.  I CAN NOT WAIT to eat it later during RuPaul’s Drag Race.


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