I took the scissors to the pages today.  This is a good strategy, for me at least, when dealing with a novel that has what you think are too many irreconcilable structural problems and you need to re-order them, both literally, and in your brain.  So I printed everything I have of the current manuscript, and began page by page, cutting sections apart from other sections in order to move things around chronologically.  Mostly this is a good thing to do when you write on a computer, like I do, because you can’t see more than one screenful at a time.  So, in this way, you can flip through the newly ordered pages, and highlight, literally with a pen of some kind, sections that need your later reconsidering–plot and weather and clothes and, well, the dramaturgy of the novel.  Anytime you can work to make the novel move into real space–as opposed to only living on your hard drive–do that.

This morning I ripped out the previously mentioned old hydrangeas and put the new ones in.  Say a prayer that they take.  They look so small and delicate out there.

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