Look, the revolution doesn’t really come from the Presidency down.  Sure, it makes a VERY BIG difference who’s in that house, but you know we can’t be putting all our faith in one person and then come January, shit suddenly gets better.  We have to all keep working diligently and with great care and great focus, to make the changes we want to see in our communities.  Plus, I keep coming back to that thing Eileen Myles tweeted: “I want to know about the zeitgeist that twice sends out the transformational man to beat the utterly capable and ready woman.”

I’m very curious about American Psycho on Broadway right now–but the performance on Stephen Colbert didn’t do much for me.  Duncan Shiek’s work on Spring Awakening is really, really fantastic.  And the music from Psycho sounds poppy, catchy.  And granted, things don’t always translate well from a cohesive, complete universe to a bunch of actors moving around on a television stage.  This looked like that.  There is a lyric that indicates Patrick Bateman is 26.  I had forgotten this.  But, also, in fact, the farther away I get from Ellis’s novel, I am not sure that it holds up, all these years later.  I read it again ten years ago, maybe.  I am not sure what people get from it, or take from it, when they read it, new, these days.  This is a question.

I am also coming off a long ass, rain-filled, weirddddd day at the syrup stand.  So I might be letting the tired grumpy-feeling color my opinion of the book.  And that performance.  I read about some kind of planetary retrograde where like everything is fucked up and maybe that’s why people and things and performances seem, um, strained.





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