Today I delivered syrup to Egg in Williamsburg, where I have been taking syrup for 10 years.  They have been loyal and loving customers since I began.  George Weld and Evan Hanczor continue to be forces of radical good and deliciousness, and continue to support farms, farmers, their staff, their patrons.  Everyone run to Egg and have the ham biscuit and grits, like I did this morning.  Maggie and Michael will take care of you.

For dinner I went to The Marshal with my maple syrup crew, Collin and Poul, as well as Kip and Aja, and we ate ourselves silly.  They have been buying maple marshmallows from us for several months, which have been going into a S’Mores dessert baked in a small cast iron vessel and then hit with salt, which is oh so glorious.  The place is small, but almost everything on the menu is grown by human beings that I know, personally.  Kind of uncanny to look over everything.  We ate the polenta, the carrots, the deviled eggs, the meatloaf, the beef tips, the bacon wrapped cabbage, the kale and sweet potato casserole, then the S’Mores and this amazing dessert that was basically chilled shards of chocolate, with ice cream, honey comb and bee pollen.  The cocktails here are on fleek also.  Go!

Between these two things I had a Skype with my friend Prairie, who moved from NY to LA back in January.  I have missed her deeply and truly, but she is making a home for herself there and that feels good to me.  May she prosper and thrive and soak up the total lack of seasons, reality, straightforwardness and punctuality.  Smiley face.


One Comment on “97”

  1. Prairie Rose says:

    heart emoji. Also, that dinner sounds BONKERS. xox

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