I play this game on my phone called Two Dots. It’s one of those series of increasingly difficult challenges, earn points, sink anchors, bust bugs, quench fires, scrub slime, all by connecting dots of the same colors, making squares to remove all dots of the same color. You get the idea. It’s a stupid time waster. Which is to say that I have completed 635 levels, plus 25 bonus worlds of 7 levels each. You’re given 5 lives at the start of each level, and if you run out of prescibed moves before completing the level, you lose of of those lives. The lives regenerate every 20 minutes, or you can buy lives for 99 cents, or sometimes a special deal: infinite lives for a period of two hours. So, when you play one of the bonus worlds, you have only 5 days to complete them, or they disappear forever. You don’t win that particular treasure. When you complete the bonus world, in addition to the tiny themed medal that appears on your screen, Two Dots shows you your international ranking on that level. If it’s above 100,000, it only says 100,000+. If under that, it gives you the actual number. It calculates a combination of speed and points, I guess. Usually I score somewhere in the 50K range. But one time my score was 7890. Take that, world! So yesterday the new world appeared –The Glimmering Grotto–and at the same time I was given the opportunity to play infinite lives for $1.99. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted that low finishing number. So I paid the money and finished the level in 10 minutes. I scored 2632! Amazing! But it ultimately was a hollow victory. With $1.99 and infinite lives you can do a lot.

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