And another thing about the election.  I don’t like what it is doing to me.  I don’t like that I have to feel this strange wedge being driven between me and people who essentially share the same political convictions that I do, that want to see a woman at the top, that want economic freedom, that want to fundamentally explode the way our country is run and reform something that works, that works for all, and that secures a future for the future generations.  I don’t like how it makes me feel like my camp has to win–it switches on a gross kind of ambition that I don’t like to feel in myself.  It makes me feel like the system is rigged not just to fuck with elections and make change impossible–but to make us wage petty wars over what will probably end up being not huge differences, or the differences will be so sweeping and huge that they are incomparable to one another.  One will be real and happening and the other we will never know because it didn’t get to happen–and neither of them will necessarily come out of one or the other candidate.

Also, on my drive today I listened to this episode of Radiolab, which is one of the most profound, moving and intimate things I have ever heard on the radio.

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