Tonight we went to John’s on Bleecker, to eat pizza because Craig & Kim wanted to have a New York pizza moment.  There are a lot of directions to go in–but that is maybe the most well known, in Manhattan at least, so there we were, ordering root beer, coke and black cherry soda, along with two pizzas: 1) sausage, olives and mushrooms, 2) ricotta, basil and roasted tomato.  Then we ate fancy french pastry from some place down the street-Bissou was the name, or something like that.  The night was cool and everyone was out.  Every table at Grom was full, there was a line outside of John’s when we left, and there was a gaggle of families outside of Popbar talking about how someone got free coffee at Starbucks.  “What, did you show your boobs?” someone said.



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