Our friend Chris is staying with us for two nights on his way back to North Carolina. He and Kip are watching the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, and I am sitting on the couch with them. Although this show has taken over the zeitgeist, I have never watched it. So here’s some thoughts about seeing it for the first time.

I had no idea there was a supernatural element. Creepy things emerging from the ground, people communicating with trees, or tree spirits, or whatever it is. I might have been more interested had I know this. It’s not True Blood though. It shouldn’t be–I’m just saying.

I want all the rooms I enter always to be lit by flaming torches and chandeliers. I like a soft yellow light and this does the trick every time.

There are 14 story lines going at once. While I appreciate the kind of juggling a series can do deep into many seasons, I literally have no idea who anyone is and what anyone is talking about. The motivations are unclear to me. Everyone is clearly on some kind of personal quest in addition to the forces the plot lays on them.

Every other scene has 4,000 extras. It is the most beautifully shot show in the history of television. How much does this cost? Jesus christ.

Peter Dinklage remains the sexiest actor working today. His accent is weird periodically–but who cares, he is compelling, handsome, complex, and seems to know how to wield his character’s power in ways that other characters do not. Maybe this is the writing, and maybe it’s only because I find him terribly good looking.

I guess someone dies at the end of this episode, or something like that, I’ve heard a whisper on Facebook. And so, having no investment myself, I look forward to seeing how Kip and Chris react.

Tomorrow I’m buckling down on a zine for May. Inspired by seeing Kiki & Herb last weekend at Joe’s Pub.

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