The garden is officially at capacity.  So, there is now:

King Tut Grass
Azalea; Girard’s Christina
Rhododendron; blossom color TBD
Chives; garlic and garden
Winter savory
French sorrel
Anise hyssop
Fig; varietal unknown
Blue vervain
Fern; varietals unknown
Strawberries; Temptation, Italian Alpine & Yellow Wonder
Chinese Lantern Plant
Hellebore; Ballerina Ruffles — might not come up
Lily of the Valley — still waiting
Lenten Rose; New York Night & Onyx
Virginia Bluebells
Day lily; varietal unknown
Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
Italian Parsley
Rosemary; Madeline Hill & Blue Rain
Russian Tarragon
Wild Bergamot
Thyme; French & Lemon & German
Cosmos; Psyche White, Buddha’s Hand, Cranberries, Memories of Mona
Mahogany Midget Coreopsis
Red Star Dracaena Palm
Mint; Chocolate, Kentucky Colonel, Mint the Best
Plum; varietal unknown
Hostas; varietals forgotten
Coleus; 5 varietals
Persian Shield
Zinnias; Miss Willmott, Canary Yellow Giant Dahlia, Envy, Benary’s Giant Lilac, Peppermint Stick, Benary’s Giant Wine,

One Comment on “152”

  1. jelizabeth says:

    So much conveyed in a list.

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