The Tri-Star Strawberries continue, tasting amazing and sweet and tart and even Elizabeth Faulkner thinks so, she bought a pint–on camera for something she’s working on.  There are a lot of questions about “Are they organic?” or “Do you spray?” or “Do we have to wash them?”  This is actually, if you don’t already know, a very complicated and nuanced question that unless you have the time to listen to the complicated and nuanced answer, well, you shouldn’t really be asking the question.  Lots of organic food is sprayed constantly, on a regular schedule, with things that you would probably find to be horrifying.  Also, some perennial plant stock can be sprayed, injected with stuff, and then the following year you can say your berries or whatever are organic if you don’t “spray” them.  Does the customer want to know this?  We don’t know, because you never stay around long enough to talk about this sort of thing.

There’s so much to talk about.


One Comment on “165”

  1. Beth Linskey says:

    Good explanation!

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