A Real Email I Sent Today

I was driving down Broadway today after market and a fire truck was coming down behind me.  So, I pulled over into the parking lane where there happened to be a space, so the fire truck could get by.  Then the truck went by, and some guy behind me — we are now at a red light — got out of his dry-cleaning van and started banging on the side of my van with his hands, on my driver’s side door, yelling and screaming in Spanish.  I do nothing.  He gets back in his car and zip around me to get in front of me, then we are stopped at a 2nd light.  He gets out and starts pointing at the back tail light of his van, which is broken “You wouldn’t move, so the fire truck hit me,” he says, over and over, “I’m honking at you, and you won’t move.”  And I am not sure where he thought I should be moving to — onto the sidewalk?  There are thirty cars trying to get out of the way of the firetruck, right?  And I am not really hearing any honks because there is a firetruck going by full blast….  So, then he takes like 20 pictures of my license plate and me sitting in the van, and screaming and what not.  I felt totally calm about it.  I am telling you in case someone ever calls or writes and accuses me of “not moving” and causing the fire truck to break his tail light.

One Comment on “A Real Email I Sent Today”

  1. Beth Linskey says:

    I know I shouldn’t reply but this is just what happens in NYC. I was in the van for 3 1/2 HR last evening after the market, everyone wanted to go somewhere even the emergency vehicles but we were are stationary, My City wasn’t moving. Is this the City of the future?

    Sent from my iPhone Beth Linskey Beth’s Farm Kitchen 917-449-5056 cell http://www.bethsfarmkitchen.com


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